Addressing the New Imperative to Include Females in Clinical Trials:

As a leader in women’s health research, Health Decisions has extensive experience in recruitment of female subjects for trials in a variety of indications, including but not limited to women-specific indications. Health Decisions is pleased to share some lessons from our experience in women’s health studies to assist sponsors in increasing female participation in studies across the therapeutic spectrum.

Drawing on experience in > 300 trials, the white paper from leading reproductive and women’s health CRO Health Decisions:

  • discusses key issues in trials involving female subjects;
  • reviews the literature on recruitment of women for trials in many indications; and,
  • Presents 35 field-proven tips for efficient recruitment and retention of female subjects.

Take the guesswork out of meeting your goals for recruitment of women. Download this white paper for tips addressing the new imperative to include females in clinical trials. 


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